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Notes About Angular and Midi

Hype song aside, I wanted to take a moment to share the lessons I learned while making Mischief Maker. This was a case of me pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying to build something new and different. This pretty much meant that I started the project with an idea in mind of Read More

Free Song Download! All About Angular

Roger Tipping and I wrote an Angular love song for our Mischief Maker presentation at ng-conf 2017 and it was an absolute blast creating something with one of my best friends. I love what happens when you take two separate disciplines and see what you can create at the intersections. A huge shout out to Read More

ng-conf 2017: Mischief Maker

Here are the presentation slides and code samples from my talk at ng-conf 2017. The primary goal of this talk was to be entertaining and so there is definitely a "proof of concept" element in the code. With that said, the code samples are a great place to start if you want to learn how Read More

Writing a Basic Component Test with Angular Testing Utilities

Writing unit tests is very much like flossing. We all agree that we should floss (and write tests) but it is really easy to deprioritize given the general level of discomfort that comes with it. Angular takes the edge off of the proposition of writing tests by providing us with some incredibly handy utilities that Read More

Handle Multiple Angular 2 Models in ngrx with Computed Observables

I am a huge fan of the simplicity and power that redux brings when dealing with state management and communication. Redux, as a software pattern, gives us a single place to store our application state (the store) and a single place to mutate our application state (the reducer). Every entity within your application model generally Read More

Infographic: Observable Cheat Sheet

The Observable stream is a very scary subject (pun intended) in the frontend universe. Many developers have heard of them, and about how awesome they are, but get totally overwhelmed swimming in the sea of RxJS operators. I recommend that new developers set the RxJS aside for a moment and focus on the basic observable Read More

Dreams Do Come True! Named Router Outlets in Angular 2

I am generally a positive person that endeavors to say nice things about people and frameworks. In the broadest sense, I love Angular, and it has been an amazing tool to build some really cool things. Angular 2 has exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways. But! There has always been some cognitive dissonance Read More

Slides: Embrace the Angular 2 Ethos in Angular 1.x

Angular 2 ushered in the apocalypse when it was announced a few years ago and it looked nothing like the current version of Angular 1.x we were using. The initial gap between the two versions seemed to be like standing on opposite sides of a canyon with the obvious question being "How in the world Read More

Angular 2 with Handcrafted Tools, Century-Old Techniques and ES5

Writing an Angular 2 application in ES5 is a tricky subject, and I have to be careful about the tone I adopt when talking about this approach. Using a modern build system that leverages ES6 or TypeScript with live reloading, scaffolding, linting, deployment options, pre-processors, test runners, etc. is a superior course of action and Read More