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Build a Joyent Pricing Menu with AngularJS


I will be the first person to admit that I love pretty things. A lot of what I do is cause and effect from seeing something really awesome and then being compelled to go build some version of it. The pricing menu at Joyent completely captured my attention the first time I saw it. The Read More

Build a Full Page AngularJS Slideshow Pt 2 with Crazy Simple Sequencing

Slideshow Timeline

To keep the matrimony magic train going, we are going to create variation of the slideshow from my previous post Build a Full Page AngularJS Slideshow Plus Magic Tricks!. Think of it as the slow jam version of the wedding slideshow with crazy simple animation sequencing using Greensock TimelineLite. Obligatory picture of Barry White for Read More

Build a Full Page AngularJS Slideshow Plus Magic Tricks!


Occasionally a soon-to-be married couple finds out that I do "web stuff" and somehow they conclude that they just have to have a super sentimental slideshow highlighting their journey from newborns into each other's arms. I generally agree and just chalk up my work as a "wedding gift" Mwahahaha! And as a gift to all Read More

How to Succeed in Programming by Really Trying


I am learning what it really takes to succeed as a programmer. To set context, let me tell you about two programmers that I have had the opportunity to work with in the last ten years. The first programmer, X (not his real name) and I worked together at the start of my career and Read More

Build a Sweet AngularJS Photo Slider Pt 2 with ngTouch


This is a continuation of my previous post Build a Sweet Photo Slider with AngularJS Animate where I am going show how easy it is to add touch capabilities to the photo slider. As an added bonus, I am going to show you how to dynamically set the direction of the animation so that the Read More

Build a Sweet Photo Slider with AngularJS Animate


AngularJS animations took another shot of performance enhancing drugs with a new API rewrite for AngularJS 1.2. Matias Niemela, aka Year of Moo has been doing an incredible job on the project and I wanted to showcase how easy it is to work with the new API by building a slider in about 50 lines Read More

Fun with AngularJS Filters – Paleo Edition!

I Heart Paleo

My friend Anthony posted a question the other day about how to bind two select inputs together. Using that as a starting point, I dug into a few fun things that you can do with AngularJS filters and supporting cast. Paleo edition shout out to my bro Ben Nadel who happens to be one of Read More