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Useful Things with Kendo UI Core Slider and AngularJS

Kendo UI Logo

I have had a few questions about my use of the Kendo slider in Viewnicorn, so I just wanted to take a quick minute and show how easy it is to use it in your application. I am using Kendo UI Core which is a totally free and open-source version of Kendo UI that comes Read More

HolidayJS Edition: Resources to Win Your Next Hackathon

HolidayJS Logo

I love programming with all my heart. I also love parties. I REALLY love programming parties and that is why I put together HolidayJS every year for the Phoenix development community. I have compiled a list of starter projects and resources for the attendees to use for the hackathon portion of HolidayJS and I wanted Read More

The Little Big Things with ngAria

Sutton  Tweet

My buddy Marcy Sutton @marcysutton called me out via Twitter about my Build a MailChimp Signup Form with AngularJS post. At first, I was like "Uh oh! How do I do that!?"; then I realized that ngAria is amazing and is a really tiny step you can do right now that has a huge impact Read More

AngularJS and Auth0 Go On A Speed Date


I am a huge fan of tools that help me build things better and faster. That is why I love tools like AngularJS, Firebase, Ionic, etc. In my opinion, one of the most tedious parts of building an application is identity management. There are thousands of implementations and variations that exist in the cloud and Read More

Build a MailChimp Signup Form with AngularJS

Mailchimp Signup

The folks at MailChimp do excellent UX work, and their signup form is no exception. As a personal exercise, I decided to recreate their signup form with AngularJS; which ended up being a great learning experience so I decided to share some of my favorite parts with you in this blog post. I would also Read More

Infographic: Understanding AngularJS Isolated Scope

Isolate Scope Header

Working with isolated scope in directives can be a bit confusing so I wanted to take this opportunity to try to explain how to interact with isolated scope in the simplest terms possible. You can download the full-sized infographic at http://bit.ly/isolated-scope-infographic and see the companion code examples at http://bit.ly/isolated-scope. I really hope that you find Read More

10 Things To Consider While Keeping a Level Head About AngularJS 2.0

The Dude

There has been quite a bit of dialogue around the proposed changes that AngularJS 2.0 is going to introduce and some of it is pretty heavily covered in tones of hysteria. I completely understand how this happened, given the sensational way that these changes were presented in ngEurope by the AngularJS core team without some Read More