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Last year I had the opportunity to speak at AngularConnect about one of my favorite subjects: animations. These are often overlooked as “nice-to-haves” that never make it into the app. Although they do fit into the “polish” phase of any app, I believe that animations are not just to make an app look pretty, but also convey deeper meaning and give context to user interactions. Please enjoy!

The Presentation

We live in a world where context is often derived from forces such as gravity, friction, velocity, etc. which can determine the entire nature of a user interaction. These factors provide us with a considerable opportunity to direct a user experience to a successful conclusion by giving the right cues and setting the proper tone through motion. Angular Animations provides us with a way to express movement through a powerful yet natural DSL within our applications. In this talk, we will work through how to take a static application and bring it to life in easy, approachable steps so that you can apply the same process to your work.

The Slides

The slides for this talk were built out as a webapp, which can be found at the Animation Movie Site.