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Meet Jeff Delaney

Jeff Delaney, creator of, is one of those “behind-the-scenes baller” types. Quite frankly, I had a hard time connecting the soft-spoken, ultra-polite IRL Jeff Delaney with the guy who was going beast mode on all of the amazing Firebase videos.

I basically embarrass him every single time we are out and I introduce him as “THE Jeff Delaney from ANGULAR FIREBASE DOT COM!”. We get the weirdest looks from the poor person taking our lunch order but it did get us into a club one time. KIDDING!

Jeff is a good friend and a great developer and I wanted to share a chat we had the other day about Angular and Firebase. Enjoy!

For Example! Totally Awesome Angular Firebase Videos

Jeff has generously published a ton of great videos on his YouTube channel and here are some videos that I personally thought were excellent.