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My name is Lukas Ruebbelke and my passion is creating things. We do not do what we do because we are in love with a particular language, platform, framework, etc because those will all change. I learned this the hard way when in my naivete as a young developer I wrapped my identity up as being a “Flash developer”. I had to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate what and who I was. I believe that it is in our nature to create things and programming is one of the most powerful vehicles to creating things that are relevant, meaningful, entertaining and life-changing that exists.


A natural extension of my passion for creating things is helping other people learn to create the things that are meaningful to them. Over the course of the last couple years, I have had the privilege of creating content for some of the best publishers in the industry. I wrote AngularJS in Action for Manning Publications, did multiple Frontend Masters workshops and recorded Build a Strong Angular Foundation with Matias Niemela for O’Reilly. I also recorded over 50 videos for on Angular, Ionic and Gulp.

I have also written multiple articles for Net Magazine which makes for a totally surreal experience when you buy a copy at the local bookstore and your face is staring back at you.
I love to present at conferences and have had the opportunity to travel all over the world to talk about the things that are exciting to me. Some of my all-time favorite conferences are ngConf, Angular Connect and AngularU.
I believe that when the community wins, we win. Every ounce of effort that I have ever dedicated to the development community, has come back to me tenfold through friendships, collaborations, opportunities and experiences. I am the co-organizer of one of The Arizona Software Community meetup which is one of the largest meetups in Phoenix. I also organize HolidayJS every year which is basically an Oprah Christmas Special… FOR PROGRAMMERS! I am also involved in organizing Iterate.PHX and I also love to organize multiple hackathons throughout the year because they are just so much fun!
Google Developer Expert
I am also a Google Developer Expert for Angular and Firebase which is quite possibly one of the high accolades I have received in my life.
When I am not in front of a computer, I spend most of my time trying to undo all my bad habits at Crossfit. I am a Level 1 Certified Crossfit Trainer and ranked within the top 500,000 Crossfit athletes in the world.