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Roger Tipping and I wrote an Angular love song for our Mischief Maker presentation at ng-conf 2017 and it was an absolute blast creating something with one of my best friends. I love what happens when you take two separate disciplines and see what you can create at the intersections. A huge shout out to the ng-conf staff for allowing us to push the creative envelope and Big Daddy Pipe for dropping in at the end of our live performance. You are all awesome!

The Song

We have had a few people ask about getting the MP3 of our song and after bribing Roger with a laptop, he locked himself in a room and dropped a fully mastered version of the song. And because we love the Angular community, we are making it available totally free for your enjoyment! [(hug)]

To download the song for free, just enter 0 in the price field. This is just how Bandcamp works.