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Angular 2 ushered in the apocalypse when it was announced a few years ago and it looked nothing like the current version of Angular 1.x we were using. The initial gap between the two versions seemed to be like standing on opposite sides of a canyon with the obvious question being “How in the world do we get from here to there?!”

I shared this sentiment, but as I began to learn Angular 2, a funny thing started to happen. How I thought about web applications, in general, started to shift and my Angular 1.x applications began to look more and more like Angular 2 applications. I started using ES6, everything became a component, data started to flow down and events flowed up, etc. Migration path aside, embracing this approach made my Angular 1.x applications much better. Here are the slides from my Embrace the Angular 2 Ethos in Angular 1.x and be sure to check out the resources below for more information about how to writing Angular 1.x applications in an Angular 2 style.

The Slides


ngMigrate Project

Free Angular 2 Patterns Book Using Angular 2 Patterns in Angular 1.x Apps

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