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I have been extremely impressed by some of the content that has been written about AngularJS lately. It is so exciting to see the community growing and thriving around such an awesome project!

I wanted to take a couple moments and write about some of the stuff that I personally have been enjoying and found helpful.

This is a super site that my buddy John Lindquist just launched. It has a ton of great videos covering a wide assortment of AngularJS topics. It is weird that John is such a chatty guy on video because I have hung out with him and he is like the most laid back dude EVER! Definitely check out the videos on isolated scope.

Year of Moo

This blog has an incredible amount of well-written and highly informative material. Matias Niemel√§ has really put a lot of time into his blog and it shows. Oh! And his blog puts the ‘art’ in ‘article’. Love the art bling! Make sure to check out his incredible article on Full-Spectrum Testing with AngularJS and Testacular

Ben Nadel

Ben Nadel is a genetically modified Adam Sandler with enough muscles to kill an army of Philistines. I have been a fan of Ben’s blog for a long time from the Flex/ColdFusion days and the quality train just kept rolling right into his AngularJS posts. I really liked his latest article on directives found here.

Brian Ford

Brian is my co-author for AngularJS in Action and he is like a son to me. No really, if I had started procreating when I was ten… maybe! Brian is a super fun guy to work with and it has been a great experience collaborating over the last couple months. He has some serious wonder kid credentials going for him. He goes to school fulltime, works for Google, contributes to AngularJS, wrote Batarang, does a ton of stuff with Yeoman all the while finding time to grow under my diligent tutelage.