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I am a huge fan of tools that help me build things better and faster. That is why I love tools like AngularJS, Firebase, Ionic, etc. In my opinion, one of the most tedious parts of building an application is identity management. There are thousands of implementations and variations that exist in the cloud and heaven help us all if we have to roll our own!

I had the privilege of meeting Martin Gontoaasldkfjavjakjas @mgonto and Matias Wolowasldkfjskjdfaski @woloski at ngEurope and in addition to being excellent presenters, they piqued my interest in their company, Auth0. Auth0 makes it really easy to manage and scale identity management across a myriad of technologies, social providers, and devices. I started to play around with Auth0 a few weeks ago and it has been a really pleasant experience. The technology is solid, the documentation is top-notch, and the tooling makes it really easy to get up and running.

You can see this in action in the following video as I walk through some of the high level concepts and build out a simple application with AngularJS that uses Google as its authentication provider.

Stay tuned for my next videos where I will show how to add Auth0 to an existing application as well as use more than one identity provider in the same application. #highFive


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