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Get Started with Angular 2 Pt 2: MOAR Subcomponents

Angular 2 SubComponents

This lesson is the follow-up post to Get Started with Angular 2 by Building a Simple Website where we walked through building out a simple website in Angular 2. In this lesson, we are going to expand on the idea of composition through components by introducing subcomponents. Angular 2 components, by nature, offer a consistent Read More

Get Started with Angular 2 by Building a Simple Website

Angular 2 Website

Angular 2 has finally hit beta which was the mental milestone for me to start writing Angular 2 content. Hooray! To kick things off, I wanted to port a project that I covered in my Building a Website with AngularJS Pt 2 – Now With State! post to Angular 2. We are going to get Read More

Awesome Angular Projects to Win a Hackathon

Angular Hackathon

I love programming. We can all identify with the deep, intrinsic sense of satisfaction that we get when we create something awesome. The amplifier to that feeling is when we create something awesome with awesome people. This is why I love hackathons. I am not talking about those cutthroat affairs where a person would punch Read More

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Angular Material


Let me tell you about the first time I used Angular Material. I was just about to put myself on the line. I looked over at Scott Moss and whispered "Why don't we just skip the static comps and do the entire thing in Angular Material?" to which he replied "I know, right!". I raised Read More

CIDER: My Checklist for Creating Angular 2 Components

Angular 2 CIDER

Angular 2 is a significant departure from Angular 1.X in terms of style and syntax. I have to admit that it felt like the first day of school the first time I sat down to try my hand at Angular 2. Eventually, I began to notice a pattern emerge when creating Angular components that made Read More

Angular Connect 2015: The “REAL” Angular 2 Keynote

AngularConnect 2015

I really truly love the Angular community. I am talking about a group that continually pushes me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. I am still amazed that I can get in front of such a passionate group of folks and share my ideas while doing some pretty zany things Read More

Build a Realtime Event Bus with Firebase and Angular

Firebase Event Bus

"We think Firebase is just what we need to get rid of this crazy long polling stuff we are doing but what about HIPAA compliance?" This was the challenge that I found myself in awhile back as I was working with a health care startup. Realtime capabilities was going to take their application to the Read More

Just Enough Angular for Designers


I recently gave a talk at ngVegas 2015 called Turn Your Designers Into Deathstars with Angular where I make the case that we need to make designers first class citizens in AngularJS. UPDATE: A huge shoutout to my designer buddy Jordan Stoddard for hand drawing all of the sweet graphics for this post! A major Read More

ngVegas 2015: Turn Your Designers Into Deathstars with Angular

Designers Death Stars

I wanted to share my talk Turn Your Designers Into Deathstars with Angular from ngVegas 2015. Making designers first class citizens in Angular is something I am particularly passionate about and thrilled that the Angular team is equally committed to this goal as well. I have created a series of exercises that I believe are Read More

Easy Zip Parsing with JSZip and Angular

Zip Parsing Header

I recently had a client approach me about an interesting problem for which they needed a solution where their customers could drop a zip file onto the browser, unzip the file and parse an XML manifest. They wanted to know if it was possible to do this all in the browser without having to send Read More